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Yeast Nashville

Yeast Nashville

Yeast Nashville can cure any hangover. Isn’t that the key to a killer breakfast and brunch place? Bready, cheesey, savory, and sweet – if you need it, they have it! But we will say, the early bird get’s the worm: their specialty, kolaches, sell out fast! What’s a kolache? Heaven. Think of a danish but made with a sweet, yeasty bread instead of pastry dough. Kolaches can be filled with anything your heart desires. Yeast Nashville makes a wide variety – from blueberry and cream cheese to sausage links with cheese.

Noshville Nashville


Noshville has been one of our go-tos since our college days. While we’re sad the Midtown location closed, we’re willing to make the drive to Green Hills for our Noshville-fix. Most importantly, they have breakfast all day. Need we say more? If you’re not convinced that you should check it out after those three words, you may want to reevaluate your food priorities! But, if breakfast isn’t your thing, Noshville is still a sure bet.

Pfunky Griddle

Pancakes are always treat worth waking up early for on the weekend! And while you can definitely make them at home, they don’t get quite as golden, fluffy, or crispy on the outside in a pan as they do on a griddle. Hop in your car and get over to Pfunky Griddle!

Family Wash Nashville

The Family Wash

The Family Wash is home to seriously good coffee, great food, and a stage consistently showcasing local tunes. The recently opened Main Street location offers more space (including a patio and a spot dedicated to Garage Coffee) but keeps its same original charm. To top it all off, Family Wash boasts an impressive breakfast menu served all day. You’ll find classics like steel cut oatmeal and granola, along with heavier egg dishes that come with a number of gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Proper Bagel Nashville

Proper Bagel

Proper Bagel has been a hit since the day it opened. If you’ve driven by the new Belmont Blvd hot spot, you have probably seen the lines out the door. But don’t be deterred – it is worth the wait! Inside, you’ll be greeted by a counter full of fresh fish, cream cheeses, and salads. If it’s your first visit, definitely order a bagel – whether you pair it with cream cheese, flavored butter, or an egg sandwich option, the bagels are seriously impressive.

Tower Market and Deli Nashville

Tower Market and Deli

At Tower Market and Deli, Bagel Face, DOH Nashville, and Bongo Java are just a few of the local businesses that that stock its shelves. For your first time at the deli counter, we suggest ordering off of their breakfast menu, which is available all day! We’ve tested out their lox and cream cheese bagel as well as their bacon egg and cheese bagel.

Barista Parlor Germantown

Barista Parlor Germantown

Good coffee, good food in a super cool space. Barista Parlor’s newest location in Germantown is a huge open warehouse with garage doors to roll up during the warm weather. The coffee-making station is smack in the middle of the space so you can watch the baristas craft your special drink. Visiting the space is an experience in itself. Try their breakfast sandwich with bacon on a biscuit and the espresso tonic – serious hangover cure.

The Local Taco

The Local Taco is a small Southern chain restaurant that specializes in it’s namesake – tacos. With locations in Sylvan Park, East Nashville, and Brentwood, this taco joint is popular with Nashville locals, offering a menu that caters to many tastes. The avocado taco comes lightly fried with a creamy avocado center topped with Sriracha aioli, pico de gallo, and green onions. Something magical happens in the fryer once the avocado goes in. One bite of it and you’ll know what we mean!

Le Sel Nashville

Le Sel

Le Sel is the type of place that comes to mind when you want to celebrate something special. The ambiance, service, and food combine to make an experience that sets itself apart from other high end restaurants in town. Even though the menu pays homage to French classics, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie to dine here.


This coffee shop turned popular restaurant is housed in a former pet shop (hence the name!). Fido is the most popular of the Bongo Java franchise, serving breakfast and lunch all day long. The breakfast menu is sure to impress, with a host of traditional and not-so-traditional breakfast items.