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Proper Bagel Nashville

Proper Bagel

Proper Bagel has been a hit since the day it opened. If you’ve driven by the new Belmont Blvd hot spot, you have probably seen the lines out the door. But don’t be deterred – it is worth the wait! Inside, you’ll be greeted by a counter full of fresh fish, cream cheeses, and salads. If it’s your first visit, definitely order a bagel – whether you pair it with cream cheese, flavored butter, or an egg sandwich option, the bagels are seriously impressive.

Bagel Face Bakery

By now you’ve picked up on the fact that we’re big fans of a good bagel breakfast sandwich. Bagel sandwiches are our favorite way to start the day, and the ones we ordered from Bagel Face Bakery didn’t disappoint! Picture this: high quality, fresh as they come ingredients like fluffy eggs and lox sandwiched between a crunchy on the outside, warm on the inside bagel. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you order one of Bagel Face’s creations.

Star Bagel Cafe

Star Bagel has a diverse menu with plenty of options for your breakfast or lunch break, but we recommend going the bagel route – obviously! This Murphy Road staple is always packed with devoted neighborhood regulars. Though a New York bagel is hard to beat, Star Bagel will get your morning started right here in Nashville!