fullsizerender-77McKay’s is a literary wonderland, on the cheap! Imagine a warehouse filled with row upon row of books, and you’d be close to imagining McKay’s. This Tennessee chain (other locations in Knoxville and Chattanooga) makes us want to read, read, and read some more.

fullsizerender-78When you first walk in, you’ll notice a large desk to your right. This one is for those of us who want to sell a book or two. You can sell your goods for cash or trade them in for store credit. The trade desk’s motto is “we take ALL THE THINGS!” Books, games, movies, music, instruments, you name it they’ll take it. Which is good for anyone with a stack of old books they’ve already read or movies they’ve watched too many times. Why not trade those in?

fullsizerender-79To the left from the entrance starts the expanse of shelves. There are rows and rows of so many shelves filled with so many books organized by genre. Interested in historical romance novels? They’ve got loads. What about linguistics, “speculation,” or cooking? They’ve got you covered. We barely ventured into the music, DVDs, and instruments section, it was so much to take in on our first visit!

FullSizeRender (78) copy.jpgWe did venture to the upper ring on the second level. This level is a ring around the top of the warehouse that holds tons of CDs and a wide-ranging collection of vinyl. While we looked through the colorful records, we got in a ton of good people watching too. That second level is the perfect place for it!

Next time you have a stack of books or other treasures to share, bring them into McKay’s for a trade! You’ll find yourself (or a lucky someone else) some awesome goods.

C & A



Price: $


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