Galena Garlic Company

FullSizeRender (64).jpgThe holidays are approaching, and we know the perfect shop for that special someone in your life who loves to cook. Galena Garlic Company is a family-owned business located in the Shoppes on Fatherland. Fresh, wholesome ingredients make all the difference, and Galena stocks olive oil, vinegars, spices, and seasonings that will keep your pantry prepared for any occasion.

fullsizerender-65When you walk into the store, you’ll see rows of oils and vinegars of every variety. You can sample nearly every flavor, so come ready to test out the different varieties. Choose from  extra virgin olive oils made from the best ingredients to flavored oils that will take your cooking up a notch. Blood orange, basil, garlic, and more – the flavors are creative and the perfect flavor punch to add to your dish. We’ve been pairing our Lazarolli pasta with their basil olive oil, and it’s a match made in heaven!

fullsizerender-69On the vinegar side, select from dark, white, and wine vinegars. Black cherry, champagne, honey ginger, lemongrass – the list goes on! We recently picked up a bottle of their grapefruit balsamic, and it has been a tasty new addition to home made salad dressings. In addition to the oil and vinegar, the store stocks an impressive selection of spices, seasonings, and rubs. Pick up your pantry essentials, those hard-to-find spices for your pinterest recipe, and a host of not-so-traditional items like chipotle or hibiscus sea salt.

fullsizerender-66With all that cooking under your belt, your hands may need a little rejuvenation. Galena Garlic Company also stocks handmade olive oil soaps like cool citrus basil, dead sea mud, oatmeal spice, and more. Check out their selection in store or online. Looking for a gift for someone special? Stop into the store and ask about putting together a gift basket that is specialized to any taste!

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Galena Garlic Company

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