FLWR Shop NashvilleWe can’t say enough good things about FLWR shop! This East Nashville gem doesn’t look anything like your grandma’s go-to florist. The FLWR shop team has updated the florist experience and environment. We highly recommend ordering your next bouquet for delivery or your own enjoyment from this team.

FLWR Shop NashvilleWe walked in and wanted to move in immediately! FLWR shop is located in an older home super close to Five Points and many of our other fave East Nashville hangs.Open the big, beautiful front door and step into a rainbow wonderland of flowers. The walls are painted a deep dark grey, which makes the gorgeous flowers in stock stand out even more. And the character of the house shines in through everything.

FLWR Shop NashvilleThe staff is super helpful and so friendly. No need to be intimidated if you don’t know the name of a flower or exactly what you want to order! They’ll act as your guide. If you’re lucky, the owners’ toddler daughter will be there – she’s the best flower picker-outer in town.
They also stock planters, vases, and other vessels for you to arrange your flowers in. Check out their Instagram feed for hints at what this team can create. If you can dream it, they can make it. And the final result will be even better than you imagined.

FLWR Shop NashvilleC & A



Price: $$$

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