Salt & Vine



With new restaurants opening every week in Nashville, Salt & Vine stands out as one of the best new spots in town. Make the trek to West Nashville for your next date night because Salt & Vine does not disappoint! It’s walk-ins only, but don’t worry – there is plenty of space so you’re not likely to wait long. And if there is a wait, you can always peruse the Nashville-inspired dry goods and sweet treats surrounding the main counter.

First things first – treat yourself to a delicious cocktail on their



drink menu. The Soggy Pesos comes out looking like a sno-cone in a cocktail glass. Fresh blackberry, strawberry, and lime served on shaved ice with tequila. This not-t00-sweet cocktail is perfection! Going with a group? Order one of the punch bowls to share with the table – a boozy bowl served with a ladle and glasses for sharing.

Now for the bites! Start with the burrata. It’s listed under the mains, but it’s the perfect way to start your meal. Creamy, fresh burrata and crispy bread served with fre


radish toast + Soggy Pesos

sh tomatoes and watermelon – it’s as pretty as it is delicious. We also shared the radish toast served with creme cheese, smoked salt, and lemon.

For the main course, we went with the mussels, chicken, and trout panzanella. The mussels are a must! They came in a creamy green curry broth with thinly shaved chilis on top plus a few toasty bread points to help you sop up your broth. Delicious and another great dish to share with the table.

Salt & Vine lives up to the hype – check it out next time you’re in the neighborhood!

C & A

Salt & Vine


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