Bloomsbury Organic Farm

Bloomsbury Farm Nashville

basket full of goodies

We’ve been wanting to sign up for a CSA for a few years now, and we’re so glad we signed up with Bloomsbury Organic Farm! If you opt for the half bushel, you’ll get to pick up one basket every other week. Full bushel, you’ll get one basket each week. So many veggies from this 200 acre farm in Smyrna, Tennessee!

Bloomsbury Farm Nashville

our happy sunflower

We picked Bloomsbury Farm for a few reasons. 1 – They deliver to multiple locations around Nashville across different days of the week. 2 – The farm’s produce is local and organic, yum! 3 – They let us choose between a full bushel and a half bushel. 4 – Girl power! We really admire the farm’s owner – Lauren Palmer. She’s an example of a powerful #girlboss, doing business that’s good for the community and the earth.

Bloomsbury Farm Nashville

so many greens!

Bloomsbury Farm will stock your basket full of in season veggies – from strawberries and tomatoes in the summer to potatoes and eggplant moving into the fall. Oftentimes, the farm will put a surprise into your basket, like a half dozen fresh eggs or a salsa made fresh from their produce. Not to mention, they pop in some beautiful flowers every once and a while. We loved our surprise sunflower! Also check your basket for a recipe suggestion card, which will feature items in your basket highlighted in a creative dish.

Bloomsbury Farm Nashville

surprise salsa

Though CSA season is almost over (only one more week left, how sad!), we’ll be planning for our next sign up. This summer season lasted from May through October, so be on the lookout next spring for signups to be posted. Or sign up for the fall CSA today!

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Bloomsbury Farm

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