Judith Bright

Judith Bright NashvilleJudith Bright on 12 South houses beautiful jewelry created by Nashville-based designer and the jewelry’s namesake, Judith Bright. You can splurge on yourself (or someone you love) knowing you’re supporting a local maker. The shop and design studio is in a small white house across the street from two of our favorite shopping destinations in the neighborhood, Savant Vintage and Hero.

Judith Bright NashvilleIf you’re in the market for a standout piece that you’ll wear for years to come, Judith Bright has a large assortment of handmade pieces. Looking for new arm candy? Choose from a beautiful collection of ornate cuffs, simple clasp bracelets with semi-precious stones, and beaded bracelets. Check out the Judith Bright Instagram feed to see some seriously impressive arm stacks of their beaded bracelet collection! Talk about jewelry goals.

Judith Bright NashvilleFor earrings and necklaces, you’ll find simple studs, statement pieces with colorful stones, and delicate beaded sets. Each design has a signature Judith Bright look to it, but there is certainly something for a variety of tastes. The rings are our favorite –  beautiful wired rings ranging in size from a skinny band to a large stone cocktail ring.

Judith Bright NashvilleYou can shop the collection in person or online – we definitely suggest checking it out in person to admire all of the pieces and see the workshop in action. Bonus: you may even meet Judith herself when you stop in!

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Judith Bright


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