Bastion Kitchen

Bastion Nashville


Bastion Kitchen is making magic in food form in the WeHo area of town. This 24 seat restaurant serves a multi-course meal to each of its guests from an a la carte menu that is out of this world. If the idea of Bastion peaks your interest, make sure to check out their reservation system to get your name on the list and their FAQ page for more details on reservations. It’s worth the extra effort, we promise!

Bastion Nashville


We elected to take advantage of each course on the five-course menu  and wish that we’d had more room to fit the cheese course too! Once you’re seated, you’ll receive a menu printed with each course, each listing three options for every one. The descriptions on the menu are minimal (think: Grouper + Peanut), but you’re server will explain the tasty details (sauteed grouper served in a peanut broth and topped with an array of tiny chopped herbs).

Bastion Nashville


We started with the Oysters+Spinach and the Roe+Ices – truly unique dishes that were so delicious they are hard to describe! The Oysters+Spinach were roasted to perfection and served with wilted spinach and a mignonette sauce. The Roe+Ices was just crazy – iced carrot and greenery served with salty salmon roe in a chilled marble bowl.

Bastion Nashville

the magical menu

Yes, we could tell you each course in mouthwatering detail, but we don’t want your stomach to start growling! We’ll stick to our favorites from each course: Second = ChickenLiver+Blueberries. Third = Cabbage+GoatCheese. Fourth = Fluke+Potato. Fifth = Sunchoke+FoieGrasCaramel.  The ChickenLiver+Blueberres was a slice of heaven with a crumbled and salty cracker crust and a sweet, creamy interior topped with refreshing blueberries and cilantro.

Bastion Nashville

Sunchoke+FoiGrasCaramel in the front, Corn+Whiskey in the back

And dessert – do yourself a favor and save room for that fifth course. We had both the Sunchoke+FoieGrasCaramel (which came with iced green apple, green apple balls, and shaved sunchoke chocolate) and the Corn+Whiskey (caramel sauce, amazing ice cream, you get the drift).

As if their food offerings weren’t enough, Bastion offers a stellar menu of cocktails for before, during, and after your meal, as well as a well crafted beer and wine list. If you’re looking for a place to treat yourself to an unforgettable meal (did we mention the reasonable prices?), this is it! Hop to it, and book a reservation as soon as you can.

C & A

Bastion Kitchen


Price: $$

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