Funk Seoul Brother

Funk Seoul Brother Nashville

korean tacos, Godzilla hot chicken burrito, capistrano burrito

Two words: sushi burritos. We’re obsessed! If you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out. And we know the best place in town to get them: Funk Seoul Brother! We used to have to chase their food truck around, but now they’ve made it easier with a permanent location on the 21st Ave side of Vanderbilt’s campus. If we could, we would be there every day for lunch.

If sushi burrito doesn’t get you excited, Funk Seoul Brother offers an assortment of tasty menu items. They’ve got a menu full of poke bowls, Korean BBQ tacos, kimchi crack rice, bibimbap, and spicy tuna nachos. All delicious in their own right. But first, let us take you on a tour of the sushi burrito…

Funk Seoul Brother Nashville

Korean snacks in stock

Picture this – a sushi roll the size of your forearm cut only into two pieces. Huge! But no matter how big it may seem, you’ll finish it. There’s now way you could waste such deliciousness, we promise! Our two favorite rolls are the Capistrano and the Titan Up. The Capistrano is filled with salmon poke, carrot strips, cucumber chunks, creamy avocado, purple cabbage, topped with unagi sauce (sweet and savory). What really sets this roll apart is that the geniuses at Funk Seoul Truck add salty potato chip bits. Seriously delicious.

Funk Seoul Brother Nashville

sushi burrito close up

The Titan Up is the same set up plus tuna. And instead of potato chip bits, you’ll get crunchy tempura pieces. So good! We’ve also nibbled on the kimchi crack rice bowl (tastes just like the description) and the Korean BBQ tacos. We’d get both again!

And get this, Funk Seoul Brother is now open through dinner time. Check them out through 9:00pm and available through Order Up. Oh, and don’t forget about their hot chicken burrito – for you non-fish eaters out there!

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Funk Seoul Brother


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