Two Son

Two Son NashvilleWe’re sure you’ve heard about how LA is invading our beloved town. With less traffic, lower rent, but the same (actually better!) music and arts scene – who could blame an LA resident for abandoning the West coast for Nashville? As Nashvillians, we owe it to ourselves to embrace the folks heading this way from LA. Why? Because they bring us amazing places like Two Son.

Two Son NashvilleInfluenced by California’s aesthetics, Two Son has a sleek, minimalist style that focuses on the good stuff without any of the frills. It would fit right in among the top stores in LA or San Francisco. We’ll admit, we were more than a little intimidated to stop by. But after a little prodding to get us there, we’re so glad we walked on in.

Two Son NashvilleThe space is open and airy with clean white walls and polished cement floors. The ceilings are lofted, and light floods in through large windows. All of that combines to make a calm, cool ambiance which compliments the merchandise in the store. You won’t find stacks and stacks of clothing and goods. Rather, if you see a style you like, ask the store attendant to help you with the sizing. There’s an artistic aspect to the way each item is displayed.

Two Son NashvilleWhile we were in the store, the clothing ranged from very reasonable to quite expensive. The color palate was a mix of muted and earthy tones that compliment almost every complexion and allow you to mix and match. We walked away with a flowy ivory colored tee that we’ll be wearing year round with our favorite jeans.

Two Son NashvilleAt the front of the store, you’ll also find a range of products from skin care to coffee table books to tea pots. If you’re shopping for some special pieces to add to your collection, Two Son is calling your name. Not lucky enough to be in Nashville? You can check out their offerings online too!

P. S. Did we mention that Vogue has written up Two son not one but two times?!

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Two Son


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