Mojo Cookie Dough & Creamery

Mojo Nashville

chocolate chip cookie, cookies & cream cookie, malted milk chocolate ice cream, rainbow sprinkles

Picture this: you’re wading through a sea of food trucks at Live on the Green. They’re lining the street on both sides of the boulevard. How are you ever going to choose what to eat? And then you see it – a beacon of hope, happiness, and ice cream. This is it! This is what you’ll eat for dinner, a personalized ice cream sandwich from the Mojo truck!

Mojo Nashville

Coke float!

Nothing against other food trucks, but ice cream wins – especially ice cream sandwiches. You can choose from pre-designed sandwiches or make your very own! A few of the most interesting pre-made options are the Peanut Butter Ore-oh Baby (double chocolate chunk cookies, peanut butter oreo ice cream, and a layer of peanut butter icing) and the Mojo Fully Loaded (ice cream between two peanut butter M&M cookies rolled in all of Mojo’s candy toppings). Yowza!

Mojo Nashville

order and pick up at the window

If you’d prefer to make your own, your an ice-cream-sandwich-eater after our own hearts. We’ve made two delish treats. Our first attempt was a vanilla bean ice cream inside birthday cake cookies and rolled in rainbow sprinkles. Our second attempt was much more chocolate focused – malted chocolate ice cream with one cookies & cream cookie and one chocolate chip cookie, rolled in rainbow sprinkles of course!

Mojo Nashville

birthday cake cookies, vanilla ice cream, and rainbow sprinkles

Too overwhelming choosing from all the options? You can always opt for an old school coke or root beer float. They don’t skimp on the ice cream on these. Be prepared for a large cup stuffed with ice cream and a full can of coke or root beer for you to pour on top!

While you’re hanging at Live on the Green this weekend, check out Mojo – it’s a standout in the food truck line up!

C & A

Mojo Cookie Dough & Creamery


Price: $

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