From September, 2016

Judith Bright Nashville

Judith Bright

We’re always on the lookout for jewelry that will spice up our wardrobe, which is why we love stopping by the Judith Bright store on 12 South. Created by Nashville-based designer and the jewelry’s namesake, Judith Bright, you can splurge on yourself knowing you’re supporting a local maker. Looking for new arm candy? Choose from a beautiful assortment of ornate cuffs, simple clasp bracelets with semi-precious stones, and beaded bracelets. You can shop the collection in person or online – we definitely suggest checking it out in person to admire all of the pieces and see the workshop in action!

Bastion Nashville

Bastion Kitchen

Bastion Kitchen is making magic in food form in the WeHo area of town. This 24 seat restaurant serves a multi-course meal to each of its guests from an a la carte menu that is out of this world. We elected to take advantage of each course on the five-course menu and wish that we’d had more room to fit the cheese course too! Once you’re seated, you’ll receive a menu printed with each course, each listing three options for every one. The descriptions on the menu are minimal (think: Grouper + Peanut), but you’re server will explain the tasty details (sauteed grouper served in a peanut broth and topped with an array of tiny chopped herbs).

Pilgrimage Fest

Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival

The summer is coming to an end, and we’re loving the feeling of fall creeping in. While summer is packed with music festivals all around the country, we’ve been counting down to one of our favorite festivals right here in the Nashville area. The Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival is coming up on it’s second year in town, and we couldn’t be more excited. While you can find incredible music and talent around Nashville any night of the week, Pilgrimage Fest is a special experience bringing together local and out of town talent all in one weekend. Bring a chair or blanket to set up a spot for the day, and bring a jacket for any weather (you never know in Tennessee!). And most importantly, prepare yourself for a full day of great music!

Funk Seoul Brother Nashville

Funk Seoul Brother

Two words: sushi burritos. We’re obsessed! If you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out. And we know the best place in town to get them: Funk Seoul Brother! We used to have to chase their food truck around, but now they’ve made it easier with a permanent location on the 21st Ave side of Vanderbilt’s…

taqueria del sol Nashville

Taqueria del Sol

Fast, casual, and tasty Tex-Mex – that’s what you’ll find at Atlanta transplant Taqueria del Sol. The 12 South area is always bustling, especially on the weekends, so if you pass by Taqueria del Sol you’re likely to find a fast-moving line of tourists and locals ready for chips and queso.

Two Son Nashville

Two Son

Influenced by California’s aesthetics, Two Son has a sleek, minimalist style that focuses on the good stuff and leaves the frills out. It would fit right in among the top stores in LA or in San Francisco – it would even give all those a run for their money! We’ll admit, we were more than a little intimidated to stop by. But, after a little prodding to get us there, we’re so glad we stopped in.

12 South Farmers Market

12 South Farmer’s Market

The summer is nearing a close, but don’t fret! We still have another month of our favorite weekly activity – visiting the 12 South Farmer’s Market. Nashville is lucky enough to have several neighborhood markets that run all summer long, and the 12 South market is one of our favorites. From May to October, Sevier Park is always bustling full of Nashvillians on Tuesday afternoons. From produce to baked goods to fresh flowers, you’ll find everything you need for a delicious home-cooked meal, a picnic in the park, or a gift for a loved one at the 12 South Farmer’s Market. Vendors vary depending on the month, so come often for the best of what’s in season.

The Birdhouse Nashville

The Birdhouse

The Birdhouse knows how to fry some chicken! Choose from wings, drumsticks, or tenders fried and tossed in a wide variety of sauces – Asian BBQ to sweet soy garlic. The chicken is double fried to add an extra layer of crunch while keeping the meat tender. It makes the perfect combo of tender, juicy, crunchy, and hot!

Mojo Cookie Dough & Creamery

Picture this: you’re wading through a sea of food trucks at Live on the Green. They’re lining the street on both sides of the boulevard. How are you ever going to choose what to eat? And then you see it – a beacon of hope, happiness, and ice cream. This is it! This is what…