Riverside Grillshack

Riverside Grillshack Nashville

bacon egg and cheese

Riverside Grillshack is a weekend lifesaver! Housed just on the other side of Shelby Bottoms Park, it’s the best place in town to kill a hangover. We haven’t even tried their famous burgers and fries, but after our breakfast, we’re hooked!

Riverside Grillshack Nashville

strawberry-jalapeno and goat cheese fried biscuit

Before we start, we’ll drop some knowledge on you: definitely, definitely call ahead. This was our first visit, and we didn’t know that was an option! But after we ordered and were waiting on food, at least five folks came to pick up their to go orders. We’ll be taking a note from the regulars next time!

Riverside Grillshack Nashville

Philly and egg

So let’s get to the good stuff – the food! Riverside Grillshack offers breakfast sandwiches and fried biscuits Friday 8:00-11:00 and Saturday/Sunday 9:00-11:30. Order at the window and wait at picnic tables under the awning or inside the screened in porch for your food. It’s a fun and funky environment that fits right in on the East side (bonus: it’s dog friendly!).

We tried the applewood bacon on roasted garlic and rosemary bread with egg and cheese. Yowza! The cheese oozed out onto the griddle and made a crust on the outside of our bread – crunchy, cheesy perfection.

We also ordered the breakfast philly on the same bread with a fried egg. Another winner! Toasty, eggy, and just plain delicious. The bread on both of our sandwiches was killer. We’d buy a loaf of that rosemary bread if we could!

Riverside Grillshack Nashville

fried biscuit and a view of the order window

On the fried biscuit side of the menu, we ordered one sweet and one savory. For the sweet, we went with strawberry-jalapeno jam and goat cheese topped with powdered sugar. For the savory, we ordered the triple cheese. Both of these reminded us of fried hand pies crossed with beignets – a must try on your first visit to Riverside Grillshack!

We’ll be back soon to check out their burger and fries. And of course we’ll order ahead!

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Riverside Grillshack


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