Savant Vintage

Savant Vintage Nashville

a true contrast between flannel and fur

Savant Vintage is a 12th South original – it was on 12th South long before the days of Las Paletas, White’s Mercantile, or Epice. Savant has been the epitome of cool before 12 South became one of the cool spots in town. Walk up the steps into this cute little house with a painted white buck on the outside, and you’ll see what we mean.

Savant Vintage Nashville

painted cow skull

Every square inch of space inside is filled to the gills with truly great finds. There are vintage typewriters and furniture, decades old fur coats and lumberjack flannel shirts, and a huge amount of perfectly worn in leather jackets. We love sifting through the dress racks – you’ll find everything from Pucci to no-label and everything in between.

Savant Vintage Nashville

leather on leather on leather

If you’re looking for a few items that are oh-so-Nashville, you’re in the right spot. There are cowboy boots and country accessories everywhere you turn. Much of their inventory gets rented out for photo shoots and movie shoots. You’ll find gifts for friends, keepsakes for yourself, and decorations for your house inside this hip vintage store.

Savant Vintage NashvilleAnd if you’re really feeling the Savant Vintage vibe, check out their AirBnB out back, called the 12th Ave South Urban Oasis. Decorated with items that surely came from the store (how else would they have found such great style?), this AirBnB also has a huge outdoor living space. Maybe we’ll treat ourselves to a little stay-cation!

C & A

Savant Vintage NashvilleSavant Vintage


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