Fox’s Donut Den

Donut Den NashvilleFox’s Donut Den is a true Nashville original. If you’re looking for a tried-and-true donut shop, with fresh glazed goodness hot out of the oven at nearly any hour of the day, Donut Den is the place for you! Located in Green Hills just around the corner from Parnassus Books, follow the neon sign into donut heaven.

Donut Den NashvilleOpen at 5 a.m., Fox’s is the perfect place to stop for a quick breakfast or to pick up treats for your coworkers. You’ll be greeted by smiling faces, the smell of fresh baked sugary goodness, and trays of donuts. Their glazed donut is exactly as you want it to be – simple and delicious. Their chocolate and vanilla (with sprinkles of course!) are too.

Donut Den NashvilleFor the more adventurous donut eater, you can try a number of donuts with fillings – chocolate, strawberry, cherry, cream cheese, you name it! If filling isn’t your thing, try the croissant donut (we love the maple glaze variety), cake donut (go with the cream cheese topping), or a fritter. The donut options are endless, so go ahead and order a dozen to try them all!

Support this local favorite next time you’re in the neighborhood!

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Donut Den NashvilleFox’s Donut Den


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