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Antique Archaeology Nashville

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If you love finding treasures as much as we do, you’ll love Antique Archaeology. They’ve done all the hard work for their customers by scouring the nation for pieces of Americana to proudly display in their homes. If you haven’t heard of the store owners’ TV show American Pickers, it documents the owners’ search through garages, old general stores, junkyards, you name it. They’re on the hunt to find things for their stores in Nashville and Iowa.

Antique Archaeology NashvilleThe Nashville store is located in Marathon Village next to The Bang Candy Company and just down the block from Marathon Music Works. Inside you’ll find anything and everything you’d imagine: vintage signs, collectible toys, unique furniture, and more! On our visit, we flipped through a basket of antique family photographs and checked out the Pickers’ book on display.

Antique Archaeology NashvilleThe place was packed with tourists – the store’s show draws a crowd, and you’ll often find Nashville tour buses parked outside full of eager out of towners. Wander the rows of goodies with them and don’t forget to look up! Even though there’s much on display on the ground and shelves, you’ll miss the really cool stuff if you don’t check out the ceiling.

Antique Archaeology NashvilleIf you don’t find something antique that strikes your fancy, check out their t-shirt and souvenir collection. You can also view these modern day items online, which often take inspiration from the antique signs available at the store.

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Antique Archaeology NashvilleAntique Archaeology


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