The Bang Candy Company

Bang Candy NashvilleSweet tooth satisfaction – that’s what you’ll get when you visit The Bang Candy Company in Marathon Village. In Bang Candy’s own words this shop is a “Nashville-based sugar-peddler specializing in whimsical confections.” We couldn’t say it better ourselves!

Bang Candy Nashville

chocolate dipped rose dardamom

Bang Candy creates handmade marshmallows in tons of different flavors. When we visited, the flavors on display were toasted coconut almond, maple bacon bourbon, roasted strawberry hibiscus, chocolate chile, and violet gin lemon (just to name a few). We tried out the chocolate dipped rose cardamom and picked up a mixed back of flavors for the road.

Bang Candy NashvilleThe marshmallows are fluffier than any mass produced marshmallow you’ll ever find, and the flavors are unique to Bang Candy. They’re not so sugary sweet but more of a mellow mallow with a kick of flavor.

The store front also sells their homemade fudge (try the mother fudger flavor and thank us later!), chocolate bark (check out the firecracker bark with pop rocks and hot spices), and one of our faves – boozy caramels. Yum! They also offer a full selection of coffee drinks to balance out all the sweet.

Bang Candy Company’s treats make for great presents, whether you’re treating someone else or treating yourself!

C & A

Bang Candy NashvilleThe Bang Candy Company


Price: $$


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