Nicoletto’s Italian Kitchen

Nicoletto's Nashville

caeser salad, pesto fettuccine with veggies, and a cold beer

Homemade pasta? Choose your own sauce and toppings? Nicoletto’s does both! You can even watch the Nicoletto’s team make your pasta noodles right before you eat them. Yum!

Nicoletto's Nashville

choose your pasta, sauce, and toppings

Nicoletto’s started by making small batch pastas in every shape you can imagine with inventive flavors like chipotle lime. They have expanded into the Italian Kitchen restaurant and storefront where you can buy fresh pasta in bulk or order a bowl with toppings of your choice to eat right in the store. Better yet, you can take your bowl of pasta over to Mickey’s Tavern right next door and order a beer to go with it.

Nicoletto's Nashville

fettuccine with marinara and meatballs

For our first taste of Nicoletto’s, we opted for the spinach fettuccine with pesto sauce and grilled veggies (extra parmesan and basil too!). The noodles were fluffy and fresh, and the pesto sauce was out of this world. Not your typical oily pesto, but a thicker kind that coated each piece of pasta.

Nicoletto's Nashville

making some pasta!

We also tried the plain fettuccine with marinara topped with meatballs – so good! We shared a ceaser salad with plenty of croutons and a seriously good caeser dressing. To finish our meal, we enjoyed a humongous macaron. This one was the biggest we’ve ever seen and so delicious!

We’ll be back to try their late night offerings – meatball subs, green chili mac and cheese, and more – and have some more fun at Mickey’s while we’re at it.

C & A

Nicoletto's NashvilleNicoletto’s Italian Kitchen


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