Cafe Lula

Cafe Lula Nashville

smoked salmon salad sandwich and house made chips

The Ryman is a must see for Nashville tourists and locals alike. It’s a magical place with so much history that you can feel it as you walk into what locals know as the Mother Church. Sitting in the pews for one of its concerts is unlike any other concert experience. The acoustics are phenomenal, the crowd is always enthusiastic, and you can tell that each artist on stage is thankful to be playing such a celebrated venue.

Cafe Lula Nashville

rotisserie hot chicken with gouda mac and cheese

The folks who work at the Ryman are welcoming and show the kind of southern hospitality Nashville is known for. This extends to the new Cafe Lula, attached to the backside of the Ryman. The restaurant offers casual, southern favorites in a laid back atmosphere. Cafe Lula is an awesome spot for big groups, especially if you’re headed to a show at the Ryman following your meal.

We ordered the smoked salmon salad sandwich topped with house made pickles served on wheatberry bread and opted for the Cafe Lula spiced chips for our side. The smoked salmon salad was creamy, cold, and crunchy – just what you’re looking for when you order that type of sandwich.

Cafe Lula NashvilleWe also recommend the turkey sandwich – rotisserie turkey paired with apples, brie, and a cherry balsamic glaze on challah bread. Yum! We couldn’t decide between all of the tasty Southern options, so we also ordered the Nashville Hot rotisserie chicken. While not as hot as other Nashville style chicken around town, the spices and glaze on the rotisserie chicken hit the spot. We finished it off with a side of smoked gouda mac and cheese, because who can resist?

Cafe Lula Nashville

turkey, apple, and brie on challah with a side of brussel sprouts

We’ll be back soon to try out their happy hour specials served from 3:00-5:00 every day -hot chicken and waffle sliders or loaded Cafe Lula chips, yes please!.

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Cafe Lula NashvilleCafe Lula


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