Clawson’s Pub & Deli

Clawson's Nashville

#9 3/4  veggie style chicken salad

Clawson’s tagline is “good brews, tasty grub, decent company.” We’d like to think the last part is “excellent company” but the good brews and tasty grub is definitely on point. There’s always a crowd of people lined up at Clawson’s for lunch – try to pop in right around the lunch hour and you’ll see just how popular this spot is for lunch break eats!

This sandwich shop and pub is located in Track One, which is also home to artisan studios (Freshie and Zero) and a handful of other companies. Track One’s exposed brick walls, worn cement floors, and big wooden beams make for a relaxed lunch environment. The Clawson’s folks have decorated with kitschy paintings, funky salt and pepper shakers, games to play while you wait, and an eclectic bunch of tables and chairs.

Clawson's NashvilleBut enough about decor and clientele – let’s talk sandwiches! On our two visits, we’ve tried two sandwiches that have us totally sold on Clawson’s. We tried the #10, a BLT on sourdough topped with their housemade Awesome Sauce – which is a spicy creamy blend that pairs perfectly with crispy bacon and cold lettuce and tomato.

Clawson's Nashville

#10 with Awesome Sauce

We’ve also devoured the #9 3/4 (Harry Potter, anyone?). This one is great for meat eaters and veggies alike! The meat eaters version is chicken salad with lettuce and tomato on marbled rye. The veggie version has the same set up but sans-chicken. In place of the chicken, the geniuses at Clawson’s sub in finely chopped mushrooms and vegan mayonnaise. If you’re a mushroom fan, this sandwich is for you!

And don’t forget about the brews! A cold bottle of local brews from some of our favorite breweries such as Jackalope or Yazoo is the perfect way to wash down your tasty sandwich.

We’ll be back again soon for another lunch time treat. Be sure to check out the weekly specials board – home to inventive limited-time-only sandwiches you won’t want to miss.

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Clawson's NashvilleClawson’s Pub & Deli


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