Yeast Nashville

Yeast Nashville

cream cheese kolache with egg scramble in the background

Yeast Nashville can cure any hangover. Isn’t that the key to a killer breakfast and brunch place? Bready, cheesey, savory, and sweet – if you need it, they have it! But we will say, the early bird get’s the worm: their specialty, kolaches, sell out fast!

What’s a kolache? Think of a danish but made with a sweet, yeasty bread instead of pastry dough – heaven! Kolaches can be filled with anything your heart desires. Yeast Nashville makes a wide variety – from blueberry and cream cheese to sausage links with cheese.

Yeast Nashville

breakfast taco with potatoes

If you don’t make it in time to nab a kolache, their other menu items will more than hold you over til your next visit. They offer sausage breakfast muffins, cinnamon rolls, egg scrambles, and even breakfast tacos.

Thankfully, we arrived early enough on our first visit to grab a few kolaches. We sampled the sausage and cheese kolache (warm and ooey gooey), the cream cheese kolache (so sweet and creamy). Definitely worth getting up a little earlier!

Yeast Nashville

sausage and cheese kolache

We also had the egg scramble, which is a fluffy egg casserole, and the breakfast tacos. Thumbs up to the breakfast taco. We ordered ours with scrambled eggs, mixed roasted potatoes, salsa, and a little bit of cheese.

Kolaches are calling your name! Get yours at Yeast Nashville.

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Yeast NashvilleYeast Nashville


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