Avo Nashville

“sausage and cheese” pizza

If you have driven down Charlotte Ave in the past year, you have likely spotted the garage-style building with avocados painted on the side – that’s Avo! Next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop in for a healthy, refreshing meal.

Avo Nashville

cinnamon rolls

The restaurant works with sustainable businesses and local farms to create a delicious menu of raw, vegan, and gluten-free eats. The plant-based menu is full of foods you would expect to see at a regular restaurant – pizza, pad thai, pasta and more.

We ordered the pizza on our visit. We weren’t sure how a raw, vegan, gluten-free pizza would taste – you know we love the real deal – but we were wowed by the impressive flavor. The seed-based crust was topped with creamy hemp mozzarella, peppers, and “sausage” made with mushrooms and herbs.

Avo Nashville

falafel plate

We also tried the falafel plate, paired with cashew hummus and a heaping side salad. Finish off your meal with a slice of their vegan cheesecake – we tried the lemon ginger treat on our visit. By the end of our meal, our plates were clean and our bellies were full!

Avo Nashville

lemon ginger cheesecake

Avo also offers Sunday brunch, and it’s just as delicious as their lunch and dinner menu. Try the vegan cinnamon rolls – the raw superfood rolls are topped with a sweet cashew coconut frosting that seriously tastes like the real thing. The Avo toast is another tasty brunch treat – their seed-based “bread” topped with avocado, tomato, herbs, and more.  Next on our list to try: the AVOcado margarita!

You’re guaranteed to feel good after a meal from Avo – indulge in seriously tasty eats without the guilt.

C & A

Avo NashvilleAvo


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