Nashville Fashion Week

Nashville Fashion Week

Kallmeyer show

We didn’t know what to expect walking into the kickoff of Nashville Fashion Week on Tuesday. Would the event be too high society for us? Would everyone be models? Would we be totally out of place in a room of fashion bloggers, writers, photographers, and more?

We were worried for no reason at all! The room was full of people of all ages and walks of life. Each attendee displayed their own fashion aesthetic with their own outfits – it was like a mini fashion show before the actual shows began!

Nashville Fashion WeekTo add to the relaxed Nashville vibes, the bar was serving specialty cocktails like the Nashville Mule, featuring Bang Candy Co syrups, and servers passed platters of fried chicken and pulled pork sandwiches from Puckett’s.

The shows were fabulous – a total of four featuring Francesca Marotta, Brooke Atwood, Michael Drummond of Project Runway, and Kallmeyer. We were awed by flowing fabrics, stunning models, and how into the shows the audience was. We could have watched for hours!

Nashville Fashion Week

Brooke Atwood show

Need another reason to go ahead and put it on your calendar for 2017? All proceeds from the ticket sales to all Nashville Fashion Week events go toward the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund. The fund awards recipients (such as 2014’s winner Ceri Hoover) with resources to expand their horizons as designers.

Don’t worry – there’s still time for you to get in on the Nashville Fashion Week action this week. Be sure to check out the rest of this week’s events and take advantage of the discounts local stores are offering. Get your fashion on!

C & A

Nashville Fashion Week


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