The Pharmacy

Pharmacy Nashville

the farm burger and two black bean burgers with sweet potato fries and tots

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The Pharmacy has the cure for whatever ails you. This East Nashville burger and fries beer garden is right around the corner from Holland House and Mas Tacos, two of our other fave hangouts in the neighborhood.

Don’t let the long line discourage you – the Pharmacy’s offerings are definitely worth the wait. That being said, if you want to avoid the line, try hitting it up this East Nashville hotspot during off-hours like mid to late afternoon on the weekdays.

Pharmacy Nashville

the beer garden

From beef to falafel, the Pharmacy has a solid range of burger options. We are big fans of the Farm Burger and the Black Bean Burger – both burgers were bomb!  We opted for arugula, muenster cheese, and tomato on our Black Bean Burger. The farm burger comes with country ham, bacon, fried egg, and maple mustard – yum! Of course, you have to have tots or sweet potato fries with your burger for the full effect. And we recommend getting a side of the curry ketchup for your tots.

Pharmacy Nashville

black bean burger with arugula, muenster, and tomato. side of tots and curry ketchup

On top of the burger offerings, the Pharmacy menu also features a variety of wurst, chicken sandwiches, and an old school soda shop menu. Our burgers paired nicely with big, cold glasses of Vanilla Phosphate and Root Beer. You’ll also find a lengthy beer menu to wash down your burger. Order a cold one and enjoy it in the beer garden out back – it’s always packed when the weather is nice!

Pharmacy Nashville

farm burger with sweet potato fries

We ate every last bite and waddled out of the beer garden without a bit of room left. The Pharmacy is a great place for groups, especially as the weather turns warm.

C & A

Pharmacy NashvilleThe Pharmacy


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