Nashville Flea Market

Nashville Flea Market

boots on boots

Do you think junk when you hear flea market? Or do you think treasure? We most definitely think treasure! And boy, is the Nashville Flea Market a great place for a treasure hunt.

You can find just about anything and everything once a month at the fairgrounds when the Flea Market takes over. Yes, there is a TON of junk, but that makes the treasure you find that much better.

Nashville Flea MarketOn our last trip, we wandered through the booths on a Sunday afternoon soaking in the old fashioned trinkets, reworked furniture, beautiful posters, record collections, and racks of vintage clothes. Our very favorite thing to sift through is the many tables of costume jewelry.

Imagine this: table on table of tray stacked on tray full of colorful, shiny, beautiful jewelry pieces. Of course they have rings, bracelets, earrings, the usual… But what’s even cooler is the jewelry you’ve never seen before. We bought an elephant pin with a hook on it to hang your sunglasses on. We’ll never lose them again!

Nashville Flea Market

a small sample of the tables on tables of jewelry

Some expert advice: bring a bottle of water, wear comfortable shoes, and put some cash in your pocket. Most vendors take credit cards these days, but you’re more likely to be able to negotiate with them if you flash some cash.

We’re making it our monthly tradition to go and hunt for treasures!

C & A

Nashville Flea MarketNashville Flea Market


Price: $-$$$

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