Otaku Ramen

two Miso ramen and a Tennessee Tonkotsu

two Miso ramen and a Tennessee Tonkotsu

Otaku Ramen opened their highly anticipated brick and mortar location in the Gulch after a very successful run as a pop up shop (Otaku South) in POP Nashville.

Nashville’s only ramen shop specializes in exactly that – hearty, fresh ramen. The menu is short and sweet. Choose from two traditional buns (hot chicken or duck) and four types of ramen. We slurped down the Miso ramen, a vegetarian ramen dish with shitake based broth, msuhrooms, shishito peppers, greens, tofu, and scallions.

Otaku Ramen Nashville

duck bun

For any ramen dish, be sure to check out the add ons – they are flavorful and add an extra kick to your ramen bowl. Choose from a number of proteins – egg, pork, chicken, or tofu. The soy marinated egg was an interesting and delicious addition to the Miso ramen. Or go with one of the spices – ask about the heat level before ordering or you may be in for a very spicy surprise!

Otaku Ramen Nashville

the Paitan – chicken and egg ramen

Needless to say, Otaku Ramen is the place to go in Nashville if you’re looking for a serious step up from the college boxes of ramen from days past. Warm up with Otaku on these (hopefully) last few days of winter. Be sure to check out Inryo, their whiskey bar that officially opens this March to deliver Japanese-inspired whiskey libations.

And beware – when eating ramen, slurping is inevitable (and encouraged)!

C & A

Otaku Ramen NashvilleOtaku Ramen


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