Pfunky Griddle

Pfunky Griddle Nashville

getting started – traditional batter and a side of veggie sausage

Pancakes are always treat worth waking up early for on the weekend! And while you can definitely make them at home, they don’t get quite as golden, fluffy, or crispy on the outside in a pan as they do on a griddle. What’s a pancake lover to do?

Hop in your car and get over to Pfunky Griddle! Once you’re seated, you and your group gather around one of many griddle tables in the adorable Berry Hill home where you’ll make your own pancakes. The more fun you to have fun with it, the better!

Pfunky Griddle Nashville

back porch griddle tables

Choose from traditional, whole wheat, and gluten-free batters. They’ll be delivered to your table in a large pitcher making it easy to pour out the perfect sized dollop onto the griddle. Pair your batter with countless toppings. Choose from a range of fruits and nuts, candies, nutella, chocolate chips, and more.

We went with a mix on our visit, sampling both the whole wheat and traditional batters paired with bananas, blueberries, chocolate candies, nutella, and chocolate chips. The best part is you can make a different combination for each pancake – yum!

Pfunky Griddle Nashville

toast slices, traditional batter, whole wheat batter with bananas and blueberries

Not into pancakes? Pfunky Griddle won’t leave you hungry – they’ve got plenty of breakfast options. We also ordered toast and eggs, and scrambled them right on the griddle at our table. It made for the perfect savory pairing to our fruity, sweet pancakes.

We suggest getting a group together to have a pancake party, heading their on a breakfast date, or taking some of the pancake-loving kids in your life to Pfunky Griddle for a fun filled Saturday morning. No matter your age, everyone will love it!

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Pfunky Griddle NashvillePfunky Griddle


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