I Love Juice Bar

I Love Juice Bar Germantown Nashville

Ginger Greens juice

It’s no secret – everyone is into juicing these days! Whether you believe the health hype or not, one things for sure: I Love Juice Bar‘s freshly pressed juices and icy cold smoothies taste amazing.

Our favorite of I Love Juice Bar’s six Nashville locations is in Germantown, in the same bright green building as Cochon Butcher and soon to be home to Little Donkey. If you’re new to the juice world, the friendly staff can help guide you through the many juice and non-juice options.

I Love Juice Bar Germantown Nashville

bars, spring rolls, juices, and lots of other goodies

The menu includes power shots (compact, liquid vitamin bombs), sprout sandwiches, kale and quinoa salad, raw spring rolls, and hot soups. You can trust that each menu item is created from whole fruits and veggies, locally sourced when possible. Whole foods and freshness make a huge difference in the quality of your meal, especially when it is served raw – as are many of I Love Juice Bar’s menu items.

We’ve tried (and loved) the Sniffle Stopper shot, Berry Good smoothie, Green smoothie, and the Ginger Greens juice. But our favorite is definitely the Cocoa Banana smoothie, which is exactly what it sounds like – cocoa powder, banana, peanut butter, and coconut milk blended together to perfection. You won’t even notice that they’ve snuck in some spinach for a vitamin boost!

I Love Juice Bar Germantown Nashville

Berry Good smoothie and Green smoothie

We highly recommend starting your day off with one of their juices or smoothies. Just because January is over doesn’t mean we should give up on our new year’s resolutions! And while you’re at it, why not take it to the next level and give one of their juice cleanses a try?

C & A

I Love Juice Bar Germantown NashvilleJuice Bar – Germantown


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