Barista Parlor Germantown

Barista Parlor Germantown

espresso and sweet tonic, chilled over ice

Good coffee + good food in one super cool space. That’s the simplest way to describe Barista’s Parlor’s newest location in Germantown. The hipster hot spot is located in a huge open warehouse with garage doors to roll up during the warm weather. Visiting the space is an experience in itself!

Barista Parlor is a breakfast dreamland for biscuit, egg, bacon, and coffee lovers.The coffee-making station sits in the middle of the space so you can watch the baristas craft your special drink. We’ve sampled some darn tasty coffee drinks there – the espresso tonic (a light, refreshing, and semi-sweet mix of tonic water and espresso on ice) and a classic latte are a few of our favorites.

Barista Parlor Germantown

green tea, breakfast biscuit, and huntsman platter

For food, we’ve sampled the Huntsman platter with eggs, bacon, and a biscuit as well as the breakfast sandwich served on brioche with a Sriracha kick . And don’t miss their biscuit and egg sandwich served with your choice of sausage, ham, or bacon – it’s a must try for first time visitors.

All of what we tried was amazing, but we’ve got to say the biscuit was our favorite. We highly recommend adding a biscuit on the side, no matter what else you order!

Barista Parlor Germantown

creme filled, chocolate dipped pre-breakfast snack

Barista Parlor also offers a selection of pastries supplied from Five Daughters Bakery. We suggest trying in one of these sugary, flaky treats while you wait on your order. Or sampling one of the many bars from their chocolate selection – they make the perfect coffee pairing.

Aim to visit at non-peak hours – the food can take a while to get from the kitchen to your belly when it’s crowded. But if we’re honest, we’re so hooked on the biscuits, no wait will keep us awau!

C & A

Barista Parlor GermantownBarista Parlor Germantown


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