High Garden Tea

High Garden Tea NashvilleAs much as we love our morning coffee, we also love to relax with a warm cup of tea from High Garden Tea. You’ll find this cozy tea room among the Shoppes on Fatherland. High Garden Tea offers a seriously impressive assortment of hand-blended and loose leaf teas for every taste.

Ask the friendly staff at the counter for guidance when you arrive – they are more than happy to help you navigate the shelves upon shelves of tea options! On our visit, we were looking for a relaxing mint tea. After opening at least five different jars of loose leaf mint teas for us, the helpful staff found us a Moroccan Mint that was just what we needed.

High Garden Tea NashvilleDon’t want to settle on just one? Ask about their tea flights – you’ll get to try any four teas for only $10! They also offer a menu with tea-based drinks, like the peppermint patty latte and other daily specials.

High Garden Tea Nashville

In addition to their walls of teas, High Garden Tea offers herbal infusions that are hand-blended and made to suit your every need. Try the detox blend to give your body the boost it needs after holiday indulgences, the immune boost to fight off that yucky cold, or a fireside blend to keep you cozy as the temperatures drop.

Among the shelves of tea, you’ll also find beautiful teapots, fresh herbs, sage sticks and more. With a new year ahead of us, now is the perfect time to visit High Garden Tea to find a tea or blend to detox, relax, or refresh yourself!

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High Garden Tea Nashville

High Garden Tea


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