Le Sel

Le Sel Nashville

large format grouper with Chef Rene Deleon

Le Sel is the type of place that comes to mind when you want to celebrate something special. The ambiance, service, and food combine to make an experience that sets itself apart from other high end restaurants in town.

Even though the menu pays homage to French classics, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie to dine here. Another standout from the list of successful restaurants by Strategic Hospitality, the approachable vibe at Le Sel isn’t surprising. After all, one of Le Sel’s sister restaurants is Paradise Park, home of pitchers of beer and tater tots on Broadway.

Le Sel Nashville

Le Sel Bouillabaisse

As soon as you walk in, you’ll notice creative art installations and decor. The floor in the main dining area is painted playfully with thick white and black stripes, and the lower bar area showcases a large mural of a french bulldog wearing antique scuba gear. Talk about conversation starters! We’d classify the decor as pop art and modern art meets bistro chic. When you see it you’ll know what we mean.

Le Sel offers an amazing raw bar selection. During our visit, we ordered a half-dozen cocktail shrimp and a dozen raw oysters accompanied by four varieties of mignonette sauce. It was truly heaven on earth! We also shared the ratatouille which came topped with a light vinaigrette salad. The veggies in the ratatouille were sliced so thin that they melt in your mouth Рdefinitely a recommended first course!

Le Sel Nashville

salad nicoise

For our main course we opted with a large format entree – a salt crusted whole grouper roasted with rosemary and lemon then prepared table-side by the chef. We also ordered the Bouillabaisse (cod, mussels, and shrimp in a tomato broth) and the olive oil poached salmon nicoise salad. All of our entrees showcased Le Sel’s fresh seafood in just the right way, with flavors that didn’t overwhelm.

Le Sel will give you a new take on traditional French cuisine that will surprise you – in a great way!

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Le Sel NashvilleLe Sel


Price: $$$

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