Woodland Wine Merchant

Woodland Wine Merchant

Whether you are searching for the perfect wine to bring to your next dinner party or hoping to find a new favorite wine for those cozy nights in, Woodland Wine Merchant will have exactly what you’re looking for.

Woodland Wine has been an East Nashville staple since 2007, offering an expertly curated selection of wines for every taste and price range.

Woodland Wine MerchantThe Woodland Avenue space is warm and inviting with aisles that are easy to navigate. Next to each bottle, you’ll find a detailed description, so you’ll know exactly what the wine you’re buying will taste like.

The staff is friendly and eager to help you find the perfect bottle, so don’t be shy! They will happily answer any question, whether you’re n wine connoisseur or a newbie.

Woodland Wine MerchantWalk the aisles to find the perfect pinot noir or head to the fridge for a celebratory bottle of champagne. Or check out the 6 for $60 – 6 wines of their choosing for a steal! Plus, you get a reusable wine tote and can customize your 6 if you prefer red or white rather than a mix of both.

Picking up something for the non-wine drinker in your life? Woodland Wine also sells a solid selection of spirits and craft beer, so you only need to make one stop for all of your adult beverage needs.

Woodland Wine MerchantSign up for their newsletter for the latest on new arrivals, wine tastings, and more. Cheers!

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Woodland Wine Merchant

Woodland Wine Merchant


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