Two Ten Jack

Two Ten Jack Nashville

veggie ramen

Two Ten Jack takes its inspiration from neighborhood pubs scattered through Japan. If you’re looking for comfort food and love Japanese food, Two Ten Jack will hit the spot. While still staying true to its Japanese inspiration, the menu brings local, southern ingredients into each dish.

Two Ten Jack Nashville

octopus takoyaki and crispy brussel sprouts

You can find everything from sushi to ramen to yakitori on the menu each night. The menu selections allow you to share dishes or keep each plate for yourself – we don’t mind sharing, but the menu options are so tasty you’ll want to lick each plate clean!

Two Ten Jack Nashville

popped quinoa covered tebasaki (chicken wings)

We started off with an order of takoyaki – octopus hushpuppies (not as scary as they sound!) dipped in miso butter. They were crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside with just the right amount of umami tastes rounding it out. We also ordered the crispy brussel sprouts served in a miso vin sauce and the shishito peppers cooked with honey and sticky peanuts – yum!

Two Ten Jack Nashville

scallop and pork belly yakitori

For the main event, we went with the tebasaki (deep fried chicken wings topped with popped quinoa and a creamy dipping sauce), the scallop and pork belly yakitori, and a heaping bowl of the veggie ramen. The ramen was belly-warming on a chilly night – veggie broth, charred corn, collard greens, pickled ginger, and a drizzle of black garlic oil. We added an egg, of course!

Two Ten Jack brings the laid back vibes and amazing food of Japanese pubs right to Nashville. We suggest trying it out on a weeknight to avoid the weekend crowds. But we will say, it’s worth the wait!

C & A

Two Ten Jack Nashville

Two Ten Jack


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