Dozen Bakery

Dozen Bakery Nashville

egg sandwich with pesto and tomatoes

Baked goods, coffee, brunch, and lunch – what more could you ask for? Dozen Bakery has all of those things and more. Each day, the talented bakers at Dozen create a tempting assortment of hot out of the oven cookies, scones, muffins, croissants, pies, and breads. The options are endless!

Dozen Bakery Nashville

chocolate chip cookie with a bacon and cheddar scone

We highly recommend starting your visit to Dozen with one of their chocolate chip cookies. Pure cookie perfection if you ask us! On our most recent visit to Dozen we did just that, and we added a bacon and cheddar scone to our pre-brunch “appetizer” for good measure. We just couldn’t wait for our brunch food to arrive before chowing down!

Dozen Bakery NashvilleFor our main meal, we ordered the half baguette with scrambled eggs and Benton’s bacon – a crunchy and creamy combo on top of freshly baked bread. We also tried Dozen’s version of the classic egg sandwich – scrambled eggs with pesto and tomato on toasted oatmeal bread. Our hands were dripping with pesto by the end of brunch, but that’s how you know it was good. No time to grab a napkin!

Dozen Bakery Nashville

egg and bacon baguette

Next time we visit, we’re going to give the lunch menu our attention. Dozen offers a variety of salads and sides – centered around quinoa, barley, and roasted veggies – alongside their tartine and sandwich options. We’ve been thinking about the fig, mozzarella, thyme, and balsamic tartine ever since we eyed it on the menu!

Remember – start your meal out with the chocolate chip cookie. You might find yourself taking a few cookies with you to go! You can thank us later.

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Dozen Bakery Nashvillle



Dozen Bakery


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