5th & Taylor

5th & Taylor Nashville

cauliflower steak & quinoa

5th & Taylor is one of the newest editions to Nashville’s restaurant scene, and it has quickly jumped to the top of our list of favorites. This Germantown newbie is housed in a beautiful open warehouse. Rows of candles set the stage for a truly delicious meal!

5th & Taylor Nashville

classic burger & fries

The large, open kitchen keeps the hits coming. For starters, we recommend the sausage cheddar biscuits – four savory biscuit sandwiches filled with flavorful sausage and cheese. The bacon-wrapped quail is a real treat for a sweet and savory starter. Vegetarians, go for the grilled kale salad with cashew squash and smoked goat cheese – the grilled, smoky flavors are the perfect match.

5th & Taylor Nashville

grilled kale salad & cauliflower side

The menu changes regularly, but each new addition to the menu seems better than the last. We’ve devoured the crispy fried chicken and their chicken sandwich with remoulade sauce. On the lighter side, go with the halibut served with spaghetti squash or the roasted cauliflower with peppers and quinoa. Meat lovers, rejoice: 5th & Taylor’s menu is stacked with plenty of beef, pork, and lamb options – all are served with either fries or mashed potatoes.

5th & Taylor Nashville

sausage-cheddar biscuits

The sides are just as tasty as the main dishes, so be sure to order a few to share for the table. The cauliflower side in a bechamel and thyme sauce is a standout. On the sweeter side, the sweet potato casserole is even better than your favorite Thanksgiving recipe.

5th & Taylor Nashville

sweet potato side

Save room for two of our favorites desserts: the macaroons and the amazing Elvis moon pie. The macaroon options change frequently, but no matter the variety, they’ll come to the table light, crunchy, and flavorful. The Elivs moon pie is a force to be reckoned with – banana, peanut brittle spread, and marshmallow fluff layered between two thin cookies and covered with chocolate. They even paint a chocolate Elvis face on your plate!

5th & Taylor Nashville

Elvis moon pie

Wash it all down with a solid choice of beers, wines, and cocktails. Make the most of your next night out on the town and reserve a table at 5th & Taylor – it’s worth every penny!

C & A

5th & Taylor Nashville

5th & Taylor


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