Christie Cookie Co

Christie Cookie Co

chocolate chip

You’ve probably given or received Christie Cookie Co snacks as a corporate or holiday gift of some kind. Chances are you’ve eaten one from one of their cute holiday or university themed tins. But we’re willing to bet you haven’t had one of their cookies right out of the oven in their bakery’s storefront in Germantown. If you like cookies (let’s be real, who doesn’t like cookies?!), Christie Cookie Co is a real treat!

Christie Cookie Co

tubs of dough!

We recently visited their storefront in Germantown to pick out a hostess gift. We bought a sleeve each of the DoubleTree, cinnamon raisin, and white chocolate macadamia. What’s the DoubleTree, you ask? It’s the warm, chocolate chip and walnut cookie handed out to every DoubleTree hotel guest around the world. That’s right, Nashville’s own Christie Cookie Co makes those!

The storefront sells more than cookies and tins -you will find freshly baked brownies, breakfast bars, and tubs of cookie dough. Yes, you can walk out with your very own tub of Christie Cookie Co dough. You’ll probably want it straight out of the tub, but we suppose you could use it for baking too! Gluten-free? They’ve got a cookie for you too. And if you want to show your Christie Cookie Co pride, they also sell branded tees and aprons to rock around town or in the kitchen.

Christie Cookie CoThis Friday, as a part of the Germantown Oktoberfest, Christie Cookie Co is throwing a block party. There will be cookies and milk galore, so make sure to stop by and say hi to their friendly staff. And to get a cookie or three.

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Christie Cookie Co



The Christie Cookie Co


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