Art and Invention Gallery

Art and Invention GalleryLong before East Nashville became the cool place to be, the founders of the Art and Invention Gallery put down roots in Five Points. Since 2000, the Art and Invention Gallery has been host to art shows and exhibits focusing on inventiveness in every medium. The gallery displays paintings, sculptures, jewelry, crafts – you name it, they’ve shown it.

Art and Invention GalleryIn the front of the gallery, you’ll find great gift items, from magnets and keychains to bracelets and necklaces. You’ll also find many tomato-themed items on display because the Art and Invention Gallery founders are also the founders of the popular East Nashville based Tomato Art Fest!

Art and Invention GalleryOne day each year, Five Points closes its streets to traffic, and pedestrians rule the scene. At this year’s fest, we walked through tents stocked by local vendors, artists, and chefs. Most everything is tomato-themed under the idea that “the tomato is a uniter not divider – bringing together fruits and vegetables.” The fest grows each year, bringing over 35,000 to East Nashville to it’s doors.

On our last visit to the Art and Invention Gallery, we stopped by on the opening day of their current exhibit: “All Creatures Great and Small” by local artist Elizabeth Foster. We must admit, we’ve been fan girls of Foster’s ever since we came across her whimsical paintings of animals, the kind you might find in a creative child’s imagination. The exhibit did not disappoint – we were smiling the whole way through.

Art and Invention Gallery

painting by Elizabeth Foster

Foster’s small and precise brushstrokes coupled with her cool color palette with pops of red lead to an amazing collection. And a bonus: her paintings and sculptures are accessible to most price points, so whether you’re on a budget or able to splurge, you’re likely to find something that you want to (and could!) take home.

Art and Invention GalleryBe sure to stop by the gallery before October 11th to catch the Elizabeth Foster exhibit. We’re sure you’ll be hooked on the creativity and inspiration that the Art and Invention Gallery has to offer!

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Art and Invention Gallery



Art and Invention Gallery


Elizabeth Foster


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