Murn and Kate

Murn and Kate

Our August Fitness Friday feature is one of our new favorite ways to break a sweat in Nashville – GetFit615. If you haven’t tried a workout here yet, you are missing out on one of the best and most inspirational workouts in town! Located below another Fitness Friday favorite, Shakti Yoga, GetFit615 offers a supportive, fun workout environment and community that is perfect for the fitness newbie to the seasoned workout pro.

We sat down with Kate, founder of the #GetFit615 movement and gym, and her adorable pup Emma (our header image model) for a few questions. Check out what she has to say about her studio, life in Nashville, and what’s on deck for GetFit615 in the future:

We’ve loved seeing all of the #GetFit615 and #iSWEATNashville pictures this month! Tell us a little bit about how GetFit615 came about.

the GetFit615 workout board

the GetFit615 workout board

I started GetFit615 back in March of 2014 as on online community. The goal is to get people doing something that makes them sweat and at the SAME TIME, they’re doing something that’s fun!

This month, the idea behind #iSWEATnashville is to get people doing something that makes them sweat. For a lot of us, this happens at the gym. For so many others, this happens at the park with their dog, on the lake with their friends or on a Saturday afternoon in the garden. All of these things are GREAT ways to balance your health and fitness. I’ve loved seeing everyone’s posts! It encourages me to do something that’s out of my comfort zone as well! Hello ballet classes at Nashville Ballet!

I’m a GetFit615 newbie – what should I know before trying a class?

Get to the studio a few minutes early, 10-15 is perfect. That way you can sign a waiver and talk to your trainer about any injuries you might have or any hesitations you might have. Some people get intimidated by the gear that we have at GetFit615. The honest truth is that ANYONE can use it no matter what your fitness level. If you give yourself a few minutes to talk to your trainer and express any concerns you might have and they’ll be sure to make you feel right at home. In fact, I just wrote an article called To fly or modiFLY that talks about why modifications are such a wonderful tool!

What is your ideal Nashville day?

When I’m not at the gym, I love doing anything that’s outside – so I love taking my dog Emma to the park or to Percy Warner or to Hamilton Creek or venturing out to one of Nashville’s amazing waterfalls! I also like cooking so I tend to spend a lot of time prepping food for the week so that it’s easy to grab when I need it. I sometimes just have a Netflix day too! It depends on what I need!

What is your favorite non-workout spot or activity in Nashville?

getfit615 3OMG it’s Bucca. Bucca Reflexology is on Harding by White Bridge. You go in, they sit you in a chair, they cover up your eyes, and they give you the most amazing foot rub-down you’ve ever had. Sometimes I fall asleep. You just have to let it happen.

What’s next for GetFit615​ in Nashville?

A lot! I have a lot of passion for helping people find comfort and love in their bodies. It’s not about getting ripped or getting skinny or getting “fit” and THEN discovering that self-love. It’s about knowing that you are NOT your body, and the amount of body fat or lack of body fat or muscle mass or lack of muscle mass neither adds to nor subtracts from who you are and your self-worth.

the workout space

the workout space

However, part of loving yourself and valuing yourself is taking care of your body. Because, without our body, we do not have a vessel through which to live and fulfill our purpose! Who are you not to shine?!?! You may be seeing some retreats and workshops happening in the future 🙂 The beautiful thing about GetFit615 is that it has totally taken on a life of it’s own. I can’t wait for it to keep growing!

Visit the website to see the full schedule of classes, and check out Kate’s GetFit615 blog for recipes, workout tips, and inspiration. If you couldn’t already tell, Kate and the entire GetFit615 team truly has a passion for making health and wellness fun and fulfilling. We love her spirit and dedication to living a sweaty, happy life and you will too!

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PS – They’re also on ClassPass!

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