Downtown Antique Mall

mounted bobcat

mounted bobcat

We’re always looking for cool trinkets and tchotchkes to add to our collections, and the Downtown Antique Mall is the perfect place to find some! In an old brick building on 8th Ave across from Arnold’s Country Kitchen, this antiques mall is packed to the gills with ceramics, jewelry, furniture, decor – you name it, they’ve got it.

antique toy

antique toys

One of our favorite things to do on a lazy day is to wander through the stalls of antiques, each one owned by a different contributor to the store.Turn 360 degrees inside the mall, and you’ll see a velvet Elvis painting, a stuffed and mounted bobcat, and old timey selzer bottles. We love hearing stories of how the current owners found their items and the history behind each of the pieces.

velvet Elvis

velvet Elvis

Think antiques malls are just for junk? Think again! Perusing the Downtown Antique Mall, we’ve found amazing statement furniture, home decor, and art that would add spunk to any home. We’ve currently got our eye on a bright orange swivel chair. You’ll find plenty you’ll want to take home with you!

And the mall is a great place for antiques-newbies – at only one story high, the size of the mall is manageable, and the sales staff is more than happy to leave you in peace.

we're coming for you, chair!

we’re coming for you, chair!

Be sure to check out Junk is the New Black‘s stall – one of the best in the mall! Take your time and poke around, you never know what kind of hidden treasure you’ll find.

C & A

downtown antique 12



Downtown Antique Mall


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