Bagel Face Bakery

lox capers tomato and cream cheese

lox capers tomato cream cheese

By now you’ve picked up on the fact that we’re big fans of a good bagel breakfast sandwich. Bagel sandwiches are our favorite way to start the day, and the ones we ordered from Bagel Face Bakery didn’t disappoint!

Benton's bacon cheese and egg

Benton’s bacon cheese egg

Picture this: high quality, fresh as they come ingredients like fluffy eggs and lox sandwiched between a crunchy on the outside, warm on the inside bagel. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you order one of Bagel Face’s creations.

We tried the Benton’s bacon with egg and cheese sandwich along with the spinach, feta and egg sandwich – both on a toasted everything bagel. And we’re not afraid to admit it – we ordered a third one to share! There was no way we could resist the lox with capers, tomato, and cream cheese. We hardly spoke until the bagels were gone. Good to the last bite!

We’ll be heading back to Bagel Face soon to try more of their house-made spreads. In addition to the classics, Bagel Face offers cucumber dill, strawberry cake, jalepeno cilantro hummus, and even a selection of vegan spreads. We suggest taking a bakers dozen of bagels with you for the road – you’ll thank yourself all week long!

bagel face 1Whenever you’re in need of a bagel pick-me-up, Bagel Face has got you covered. Be sure to join their rewards program to get $5 cash back on your next visit. That’s enough for five free bagels. Yes, please!


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Bagel Face


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