The Peach Truck

peach truck 3With peach season in full force, The Peach Truck has officially made it’s mark on Music City. The Peach Truck began when a Nashville couple discovered “the peach problem” – and then decided to fix it. If they couldn’t find fresh Georgia peaches in Nashville, then they would have to bring them to Nashville – so they did! And boy are we glad they made it happen.

Find the truck at any of the local farmer’s markets – from 12 South to East Nashville all the way to Hendersonville. You can also find them at a number of local hot spots around town: on any given day, you may find them at Imogene + Willie on 12 South, Village Brewhouse & Marketplace in Hillsboro Village, or Frothy Monkey in Franklin. Check their website for their daily whereabouts or order a box online and have fresh peaches delivered to your doorstep!

You will also find The Peach Truck peaches used in delicious creations at a number of local restaurants – some of our favorites are City House, Etch, and Husk.

We did a Q & A with the folks at The Peach Truck. Here’s what they had to say:

peach truck 1The Peach Truck is everywhere these days (and we love it)! How did you get started in Nashville?
Yes we are! We got started in Nashville to fulfill our own problem. I moved here 5 years ago and being a state away from my home, I figured we’d get great peaches during the summer. I couldn’t find any, so we decided to partner with my hometown farm and fix that problem.
What is your favorite type of peach? Favorite peach recipe?
I’m awful partial to the Pearson Berta. I promise you I bit into one last year and my tongue almost hurt it was so sweet. Absolutely unbelievable. Pearson Farm is the only farm in the country that grows them. My mom’s peach cobbler always brings me back to my childhood, and it’s hard to beat.
What is your favorite thing about peach season (other than the peaches, of course!)? 
Going to all our favorite restaurants and trying their incredible creations. We were at City House last night and we had a house made cottage cheese dish with peaches that was just out of this world. We’re so honored when chefs put us on their menus, and getting to eat the food is just a benefit :).
outside of imogene + willie

outside of imogene + willie

What is your favorite thing about Nashville?

The people. Hands down. There’s no other city like it. As folks who moved here and started a business, we’ve gotten to experience it first hand. Everyone has been so supportive of us since day one.
What’s next for the Peach Truck?
Our vision will not change. Get peaches fresh off the tree into peoples’ hands as quickly as possible. Our plan is to continue to grow and get these peaches into as many hands as possible. The Freestone Peach Tour and Farm to Porch are big parts of that.

With the Peach Truck’s commitment to bringing Georgia peach goodness to Nashville, it’s not surprising that peach season has quickly become our favorite time of year. Pick up a bag of juicy, tasty peaches next time you see one of their “Fresh Georgia Peaches” signs around town and you will not be disappointed!

C & A

peach truck 4




The Peach Truck


Price: $

(Header image courtesy of Jamie Clayton via The Peach Truck)

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