So Gong Dong Tofu House

bibimbap and tofu/kimchi soup

bibimbap & tofu/kimchi soup

The dishes at So Gong Dong Tofu House are the epitome of comfort food, almost like magical cure-alls for whatever ails you. Their soups and main dishes will leave you feeling satisfied and content. You wouldn’t guess from its unassuming exterior and location in a strip mall that this restaurant will become your new favorite, but we promise you it will.


banchan- kimchi, marinated potatoes, & more!

So Gong Dong is well worth the trip to Antioch, which isn’t as far away as it sounds! And yes, we know it’s 95 degrees in Nashville this summer, but that won’t keep us away from So Gong Dong. We couldn’t stay away if we tried.

Whenever we’re there, we order the bibimbap with its accompanying kimchi and tofu soup. Both are brought to the table in piping hot bowls, so hot that the rice layer of the bibimbap continues to caramelize and the soup keeps bubbling. Needless to say – hands off your dishes when they arrive!

The tofu in the soup is velvety smooth and soaks up all the flavors of the broth. Break the fried egg’s yolk over your bibimbap to coat your tofu and veggies – yum!

beef soup, banchan, tofu soup, and bibimbap

beef soup, banchan, tofu soup, & bibimbap

We also love the beef soup: a bubbling bowl of broth, veggies, beef, and tofu. This bowl of meaty goodness is served with an egg on the side – crack it into your bowl and watch as it cooks right in front of you.

Everything you order is accompanied by traditional banchan. These small side dishes range from seaweed to pickles to marinated potatoes. The banchan are enough to keep us coming back to So Gong Dong on their own.

Make the trip out So Gong Dong for your next dinner out – you’ll be so glad you did!

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So Gong Dong


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