Crema is one of the best spots in Nashville to get a cup of coffee. Walk up the steps to this coffee shop and you’ll cross over an outdoor patio with ample seating and plenty of shade in the afternoon.

crema 1


Enter the front door and step up to the register. You’ll notice the super cool woodwork and the well placed display case filled with treats like macaroons, muffins, and donuts from Utterly Nashville.

The Crema menu is full of the typical coffee shop offerings but takes it a step further. All of the Crema coffees are brewed using beans the Crema-crew sources and roasts themselves. They take pride in the relationships they’ve made with farmers around the world and want their customers to know the story behind each cup of coffee. Crema even offers coffee classes for those who are extra curious.

If you’re feeling adventurous, we highly recommend trying their coffee-soda. This refreshing drink is a mix of iced coffee and bubbly soda, with a hint of fruit, that comes cold in a tall glass. It’s the perfect drink for this hot, humid summer.

crema 4Check out Crema for their refreshing drinks, sweet treats, and excellent people watching. If you forget to take a bag of roasted coffee beans with you, order Crema coffee online to enjoy at home or give to a lucky friend.

C & A

crema 3






Price: $

P.S. There’s a second outpost of Crema at the nearby Pinewood Social!

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