Southernaire Market

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Looking for a new grab-and-go lunch spot downtown? Southernaire Market is just the place. For our lunch, we went with the half muffuletta (only order the whole if you’re SUPER hungry – it’s huge!) and the house made mozzarella panini.

The muffuletta hit the spot with mortadella, salami, and provolone cheese, but our real favorite was the panini – wilted spinach, thick slices of creamy mozzarella, and extra flavorful roasted tomatoes served on toasty bread. For something a little lighter, we ordered the kale salad on the side, topped with dried figs, shaved almonds, and vinaigrette. Delicious!

toasty mozzarella panini

toasty mozzarella panini

The Southernaire Market is more than just a lunch spot. They offer freshly butchered meats, straight from the coast seafood, and local produce. The market also has any Nashville related souvenir you could want.

Whether you’re visiting from out of town or you’re a Nashville local, definitely check it out! You’ll find fun t-shirts, locally made candles, Nashville skyline necklaces, and much more. It’s a great spot for picking up a Nashville inspired gift for someone special – or something for yourself just because!

half muffuletta- imagine a whole!

half muffuletta- imagine a whole!

While there are a few barstool spots within the market to enjoy your lunch, we opted for a picnic on the benches under the magnolias around the Schermerhorn. Next visit, we’re going to eat along the pedestrian bridge with views of the river- we’ll be back soon!

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Southernaire Market


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