City House

swiss chard pizza

swiss chard pizza

We’re more than slightly obsessed with City House, a Germantown staple. The pizza is by far the best menu option. Their thin crust pizza has perfect amount of toppings that balance out for some seriously tasty eats. For the best pizza experience, be sure to put an egg on it.

One pizza you’ll always find on the menu is their belly ham pizza. During our last visit we shared two: the belly ham classic and the swiss chard. And this was no ordinary green pie – the creative City House chefs also added mayo, garlic, lemon, chilies. We topped both with an egg, of course – wowza!

belly ham pizza- always on the menu

belly ham pizza

But don’t limit yourself just because the pizza is our favorite. If you want to sample more of what City House has to offer, we suggest going with a group and sharing a few items family-style. City House’s menu changes depending on what’s in season, but you can count on the antipasti, pizza, pasta, and fish + meat options to always be in rotation on the menu.

The antipasti menu ranges from roasted octopus on white beans to  kale salad topped with peanut bread crumbs. Homemade pasta offerings include cornbread gnocchi and rice grits with local sausage.

fudge pie

fudge pie

After the pizzas during our last visit, we were still able to find enough room in our bellies for a sweet treat. We went with the chocolate fudge pie covered with cookie crumbles and vanilla ice cream. It was definitely worth saving room for!

Give their pizza a try. And then come back to try everything else! If you’re in the market for an upgraded Sunday night dinner, stop by their weekly Sunday Supper.

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City House


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