From June, 2015

The Peach Truck

With peach season in full force, The Peach Truck has officially made it’s mark on Music City. Find it at any of the local farmer’s markets – from 12 South to East Nashville all the way to Hendersonville. You can also find them elsewhere around town: Imogene + Willie on 12 South, Village Brewhouse & Marketplace in Hillsboro Village, Frothy Monkey in Franklin, and more. Check their website for their daily whereabouts or order a box online and have fresh peaches delivered to your doorstep!

Barre3 + Giveaway!

This month’s Fitness Friday post (and giveaway!) features barre3 – the perfect place to put your summer health goals into action. Barre3 has two locations in Nashville – the Gulch and newly opened Paddock Place. The barre3 philosophy is simple: exercise, nourish, and connect. Barre3 is about more than just their challenging fitness classes sure to make you sweat. The company encourages living a full, healthy lifestyle driven by feeding your body and your mind.

Marche Artisan Foods: Breakfast & Brunch

Marche Artisan Foods is one of our fave places for brunch in East Nashville. Check out their the quiche of the day, which features seasonal vegetables and a buttery, flaky crust so good you will clean your plate. Want something sweeter? Go with the banana and Nutella crepe and save some room for their pastries (poppy seed scones, almond croissants, yum!).

So Gong Dong Tofu House

The dishes at So Gong Dong Tofu House are the epitome of comfort food, almost like magical cure-alls for whatever ails you. Their soups and main dishes will leave you feeling satisfied and so content. You wouldn’t guess from its unassuming exterior and location in a strip mall that this restaurant will become your new favorite- but it will.


Crema is one of those places you could visit every week and never get tired of- it’s just that great! If you’re feeling adventurous, we highly recommend trying their coffee-soda. This refreshing drink is a mix of iced coffee and bubbly soda, with a hint of fruit, that comes cold in a tall glass. It’s the perfect drink for this hot, humid summer.


SILO’s menu is built around farm to table dishes filled with regional flavors. The space is warm and welcoming, featuring a community table, private dining room, a bar area to mingle with friends, and two patios for enjoying warm summer evenings.

Star Bagel Cafe

Star Bagel has a diverse menu with plenty of options for your breakfast or lunch break, but we recommend going the bagel route – obviously! This Murphy Road staple is always packed with devoted neighborhood regulars. Though a New York bagel is hard to beat, Star Bagel will get your morning started right here in Nashville!

Southernaire Market

Looking for a new grab-and-go lunch spot downtown? Southernaire Market is just the place. But it’s more than just a lunch spot. They offer freshly butchered meats, straight from the coast seafood, local produce, and any Nashville souvenir you can think of!

City House

City House is known for their amazing pizza: thin crust with the perfect amount of toppings (add an egg!). In our opinion, the pizza is by far the best menu option. But don’t limit yourself just because the pizza is our favorite. If you want to sample more of what City House has to offer, we suggest going with a group and sharing a few items family-style…

The Wild Cow

The Wild Cow is THE place for vegetarian and vegan bites in East Nashville. With a menu stocked full of local ingredients and no microwave or freezer on site, this restaurant brings together delicious meat-free menu items even carnivores will love. The Wild Cow also sells a variety of vegan desserts from cookies to cakes, including raw and gluten-free options…