SHED Fitness

Shed 6Ouch! We’re still sore, but that’s how we know we had a good workout. SHED Fitness has only been open a few months, but it’s making waves in the Nashville workout scene.

SHED is located in the Belle Meade Plaza between Kroger and Ninki Sushi (stop there for lunch after your next workout). Follow the SHED Fitness signs down a set of stairs and into the SHED storefront, where you’ll find great workout gear for both men and women.

We suggest taking a peek into the workout area before class starts to get yourself acquainted with the place. SHED has rowing machines, curved tredmills, free weights, medicine balls, and more.

curved treadmills

curved treadmills

The idea behind SHED is simple: each day of the week focuses on a different muscle group. Your class’s trainer will take you through 3-5 stations, each lasting about 5 minutes. All of the exercises are moderate to high intensity, but they’re designed for every fitness level. Your trainer can show you modifications if you need them.

For our first class, we signed up for the Shredder. Sounds intimidating, we know! The trainer writes a list of exercises on the whiteboard and demonstrates each one before sending you to work. This class is a bit more independent than the others. The times at each station aren’t set, so you determine how long it takes you to get through each set and station. Next on our list is trying the Arms & Abs class.

the workout room

the workout room

If you’re looking for group classes that will keep you motivated and working hard, SHED is the place for you.

C & A

Shed 2





Shed Fitness


Price: $$$

P.S. SHED is on ClassPass too!

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