Jackalope Brewing Company

jackalope 2

Jackalope’s front porch

When we hear Jackalope Brewing Company, we think of tastey brews, fun people, and good times. Drive down 8th Ave and look for the brightly colored Jackalope mural. It’ll point you to the taproom where you can take a guided tour of the brewery for just $7 (which includes tastings of their beers and a souvenir pint glass).


Steve giving us a tour

The taproom also has a front porch and indoor hangout space where you can play board games and stay fueled by Jackalope’s many delicious beers on tap. This place is great for groups, so get your friends together and snag a spot on the next tour.

Where does the name Jackalope come from? According to our tour guide Steve (part-owner and head brewer), legend says the brewery’s co-founder Bailey believed that Jackalopes existed for “an embarrassingly long time.”



Our fave Jackalope brew is the Bearwalker Maple Brown Ale, a mellow beer with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Light beer drinkers: Don’t let its dark brown hue scare you off. Some of that color comes from the maple syrup added late in the brewing process.

Lucky for us, the folks at Jackalope recently began canning their Thunder Ann American Pale Ale and LoveBird Hefeweizen. But, since most of their beers are only available on tap, you’ll have to head to the taproom if you want to give all their beers a taste. Or use the brewery’s handy Beer Finder map to find out where else they’re available.

Check out the taproom at Jackalope today- it is National Beer Day after all!

C & A

jackalope 1

Jackalope Brewing Company


Price: $

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