The Catbird Seat

You know those meals you will never forget? Dinner at The Catbird Seat is definitely one of them. Another home run from the Strategic Hospitality group, the food here is creative, inventive, and most importantly delicious. The experience of eating at The Catbird Seat is truly one of a kind. If you’re lucky enough to snag a reservation (see how to do so here), take it!

Walking up to the corner of Division and 18th, you’ll likely have to do a double take to figure out where to enter the restaurant: it’s an easily missed door to the left of the Patterson House entrance.

catbird 4

psychedelic wallpaper

Wait in the small lobby for the host to assist you. She’ll take you for a short elevator ride then through a hallway lined with psychedelic wallpaper into a small, windowless room with a kitchen in the middle.

Watch from one of 20 seats as the chefs perform a well timed dance. They pay attention to the intricate details of each masterpiece before delivering it from the open kitchen to you, along with an explanation of how they prepared it.

the menu

the menu

The experience will blow your mind. We like to think that they keep the decor sparse and windows even sparser so that you pay attention to the taste, smell, and feel of each of the 12+ courses they’ve chosen to serve to you. Buckle up, because head chef Trevor Moran, former sous chef at the world renowned Noma in Copenhagen, will take you for a wild ride.

The prix fixe menu changes with the seasons and with the creative whims of chef Moran. If you’re vegetarian or gluten free, be sure to give the chefs a heads up beforehand. They can accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies to make the menu suit your needs, but they need a little time to prepare.

the kitchen

the kitchen

On our evening at The Catbird Seat, the menu featured everything from steamed salad, thinly sliced and oh-so-buttery scallops on toast, to an insanely tasty granny smith apple filled with lemon-verbena juice. Bring your own wine for a corkage fee, or splurge on an impressive drink pairing menu: the sommelier’s pairings perfectly complement the chefs’ creations.

We can’t possibly do justice to all of the magical dishes here, but know this: everything isn’t always as it seems. Our final dish came to us in a paper bag with what appeared to be a russet potato on top of a pile of dirt.

We took a bite to find that we were eating a puff pastry with potato cream inside. And the dirt? Turns out it was chocolate cookie crumbles that paired perfectly with the pastry.The team at The Catbird Seat will always keep you guessing- your meal will be one for the books.


C & A

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The Catbird Seat


Price: $$$$

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